Publications From "Metrics for Situation Awareness, Workload and Performance in Automated Separation Assurance Systems (NRA#NNA06CN30A)"

Student presents a Research Poster

Comparing Situation Awareness Measurement Techniques In a Low Fidelity Air Traffic Control Simulation

The Impact of Automation Assisted Aircraft Separation on Situation Awareness

Separation Assurance and Collision Avoidance Concepts for the Next Generation Air Transportation System

Predicting Perceived Situation Awareness of Low Altitude Aircraft in Terminal Airspace Using Probe Questions

Information Requirements and Sharing for NGATS Function Allocation Concepts

Impact of Conflict Avoidance Responsibility Allocation on Pilot Workload in a Distributed Air Traffic Management System

Pilot Confidence with ATC Automation using Cockpit Situation Display Tools in a Distributed Traffic Management Environment

The Relationship Between SPAM, Workload, and Task Performance on a Simulated ATC Task

Automated Spacing Support Tools for Interval Management Operations during Continuous Descent Approaches

Conflict Resolution Automation and Pilot Situation Awareness

Optimizing Online Situation Awareness Probes in AiR Traffic Management Tasks

Assessing the Situation Awareness of Pilots Engaged in Self Spacing

Situation Awareness and Performance of Student versus Experienced Air Traffic Controllers