Graduate student presents research done in CHAAT

Current Research

Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Current research in Air Traffic Control focuses on developing and testing metrics that reliably and successfully measure concepts such as situation awareness and workload, and how these concepts relate to ATC performance.
Piloted Aircraft
A variety of papers have been published on the topic of “Metrics for Situation Awareness in Automated Separation Assurance Systems.” Publications have centered on such topics as: situation awareness measurement techniques, the impact of new tools and automation on situation awareness, and the distribution of conflict detection and resolution.

Past Research

Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Piloted Aircraft
Unpiloted Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

Several research projects have been carried out by both The Boeing Company and NASA-Ames Research Center, in conjunction with CSULB, on UAVs and ROVs. These projects included:

  • Evaluating air traffic management issues for UAVs in low altitude patrol or loiter
  • Investigating the consequences of UAV inclusion in a high density, thus challenging, airspace environment
  • Evaluating the feasibility of flying ROVs in terminal airspace using a distributed simulation network over the internet.