Student Research Experience

Students who work in CHAAT have the opportunity to experience a variety of research-related jobs, which help students to gain valuable research experience and develop a number of critical skills.


Student standing next to their research poster

Air Traffic Management (ATM) Simulation Roles
Pseudopilots are responsible for executing aircraft commands given by air traffic controllers and communicating aircraft information to the air traffic controller.
Simulation Manager
The simulation manager coordinates air traffic controllers and pseudopilots during the simulations and ensures that all components of the simulation are operating properly.
Data Analysis
Students take part in all aspects of the experimental process, including data analysis. Data is analyzed using statistical software, and results are discussed between the students and faculty in order to ensure that the results and implications of the experiment are understood by all.
Data Coding
Data coding involves transforming qualitative data into quantitative data that can be appropriately analyzed using statistical software.


Experimental Design
Students receive hands-on experience working with faculty members in the design and evaluation of experiments.
Working in a Team
Students consistently work in teams, both amongst themselves and with faculty, to complete project relevant tasks in a timely manner.
Simulation Design
Large scale simulation experiments are designed and carried out by NASA-Ames in conjunction with CSULB. Students help with many major aspects of the process, from scenario building to the design of probes to measure situation awareness.
Critical Thinking
Students build on critical thinking skills developed as undergraduates as they progress through the program by working through complex tasks relevant to large scale projects.
Technical and Computer
Students develop a myriad of technical and computer skills through MS-HF classes and by working alongside faculty and senior students in CHAAT.