Student Assistantships

Research Assistantships (RAs)


Positions are available for undergraduate students to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with human factors by working in CHAAT as a research assistant. Research assistants help with tasks such as simulation design, data coding, data analysis, and running simulations.

Student Internships

There are currently two internships available to students:

CHAAT Summer Internship (Undergraduates)
The CHAAT undergraduate summer research program is designed to provide undergraduate students with hands-on training in Human Factors research. Students will work closely with faculty members in their primary area of investigation, as well as take part in discussions of pertinent scholarly work. As a result of participating in this internship, students will have a deeper understanding of Human Factors methodology as well as contributing to primary scholarship in the area. After completing the summer program, you should be able to:
NASA-Ames Research Center Summer Internship (Graduate Students)
The summer internship at NASA Ames is a 10-12 week summer research program for graduate students offered by the Systems Teaching Institute (a joint UCSC and SJSU program). Students work closely with NASA scientists and engineers in order to develop research management skills and gain a better understanding of the NASA mission. Students also attend seminars that build on their knowledge and understanding of their current field.

Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

Each semester the department of Psychology hires about 10-13 graduate assistants to perform various activities. The assignments are usually 10 hours per week for 17 weeks in the Fall and 17 weeks in the Spring.

For more information on graduate assistantships, please visit the Psychology Department website.