Air Traffic Control (ATC) Course

ATC instructor with some of his students

CSULB offers a course to all Mt. San Antonio College students in Air Traffic Control – Radar Simulation. The course is open to third semester Aviation Science students at Mt. SAC and is taught by Tom Morris, a former air traffic controller who worked out of LA TRACON for many years. The course is designed to expose aviation science and human factors psychology students to Radar requirements and techniques. It also seeks to illustrate how human factor principles enhance the usability, safety, and performance of air traffic management systems. Objectives include:

  1. Explaining how human factors principles influence the performance of operators in the Air Traffic Management system.
  2. Demonstrating knowledge of the information provided in the FAA 7110.65 handbook.
  3. Managing a simulated Radar Air Traffic sector at a moderate traffic density.
  4. Performing Pilot and supporting Air Traffic Lab functions.
  5. Enhancing students’ ability to apply Air Traffic Skills and procedures to their careers.